Science World – Cause an Effect

“Strike a pose, make a sound and then dance near the back wall. Which of your actions change effects on the screen?”

Cause an Effect is a permanent, interactive installation in the Science World’s Eureka! gallery.

Futureproof Collective created a touch-free, social-distance friendly installation called “Cause an Effect” as a part of Vancouver Science World’s Eureaka! exhibit.

Cause an Effect harvests the power of a Kinect Sensor for motion capture, while Futureproof Collective’s pioneering pose-detection technology intelligently parses the incoming data to create an interactive experience which allows visitors to trigger various visual effects upon striking a pose.


Cause an Effect complies with Science World’s standards of accessibility by focusing on arm movements, and avoids flickering to minimize seizure triggers, and modern standards of social distancing.

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Project Details

Client : Science World
Date : 11/01/2020
Skills : Installations
Address : http://scienceworld.ca

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